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My Portfolio Events

Capture percent moves and events in your portfolio, set triggers on your holdings & more.

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Stock Movements

Real-time stock quotes, statistics, and other stock data.

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Corporate Events

Earnings reports, fundamentals, and other company performance events.

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Economic Events

Jobs Report, Interest Rates, and other macro indicators.

Endless possibilities of Trigger Types

Sentiment, Tweets, Weather, Elections, Bitcoin, Technicals... Have ideas? Let us know.

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IF Fed raises interest rates THEN BUY VXX

IF GOOG trades at a 1yr low THEN BUY GOOG

IF AMZN trading is halted THEN alert me

IF my NVDA returns 50% THEN SELL 1/2 of my NVDA

IF JPM dividend decreases THEN SELL JPM

IF Oil trades below $20 THEN BUY USO